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New Fresh Stocks!

We've listened to our users and investigated a number of new products, which has allowed us to add a number of new US stocks to the app. Read on! 

When you open the blue market screen (indeed: the four dots in the menu at the bottom), you‘ll initially see some stocks, indices, currencies and commodities that we’ve selected ourselves, because these are the most recognisable products. BUX has set out to make playing the markets accessible for everybody, and everybody knows what ‘Vodafone' is right?

We also like to cater to the more experienced trader as well. After all, when you’ve been using BUX for a while, you are becoming more experienced at what we’d like to call the best game on earth.

That’s why we have the ‘all’ button at the top of the blue market screen. Behind it you’ll encounter loads of other stocks and some other commodities, indices and currencies.

It’s there where we’ve now added some fresh US Products.

The new stocks for your trading pleasure are:

Amgen - biopharma

Celgene - biopharma

Illumina - biotech

Time Warner

20th century fox


Whole foods

Chipotle - American fastfood chain

Delta Airlines

Under Armour

That’s it for now. Expect some more stocks in the not to near distant future.  Crack on, BUXsters.

I dont seem to be able to access some of these stocks, particularly Chipotle. I am trying it with the all tab.

Can you also add the stocks FireEye and CarMax

Hi Jonathan, Chipotle has been removed again as this Stock is not liquid enough to offer with a mid-price strategy. We will see if we can add FireEye and CarMax. I put them on the list for requested products. Thanks!

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