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Fresh German Shares

The new stocks for your trading pleasure are:

Commerzbank – Germany’s second largest bank. In 2015 they were caught laundering $253 bn out of Sudan, Iran and Myanmar. On the other hand, they also helped build Europe’s first ecological skyscraper. Who says banks are the bad guys?!

Lanxess – a German chemical company. Specializing in the production of rubbers and plastics, Lanxess makes everything you need for a fun night in: inflatables, wetsuits, paddling pools, lubricants, rubber masks, etc.

E.on – based in Düsseldorf, e.on is one of the world’s largest energy providers. Its name comes from the Greek word for eternity – aeon – presumably because that’s how long it takes to get through to anyone on its customer helpline.

Merck – a multinational German drug maker and distributer, Merck shifts more medicine than Mary Poppins at a nineties warehouse rave.

Linde – a multinational industrial energy company based in Germany. As the largest-by-revenue gas producer in the world, it’s the richest global producer of hot air aside from Donald Trump.

That’s it for now.

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