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Adjusted opening hours - Thanksgiving

Hi BUXster,

Due to Thanksgiving, we’ll have some adjusted opening hours Thursday and Friday next week (22nd and 23rd of November).

The changes are as follows:

Thursday 22nd November:

  • Major EU indices (EU50, Germany30, France40 and UK100) will be closed between 21:00h and 23:00h.
  • All US indices (US Tech, US500, Wallstreet 30) will be closed between 18:00h and 23:00h
  • All US stocks will be closed all day

Friday 23rd November:

  • Major EU indices will close earlier (at 21:00h)
  • All US indices will close earlier (at 18:15h)
  • All Commodities will close earlier (at 18:45h)
  • All US Stocks will close earlier (at 18:00h)

Keep in mind that the above mentioned opening hours are in UK time zone!

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