What is the maximum amount of money I can invest in a single position/trade?

The maximum amount you can invest differs per product. For example, in the case of 'stocks' the maximum is usually €10.000. This means if you open a position for €2.000 with a multiplier of x5, it equals this maximum of €10.000 (5x 2.000 = 10.000).  However, other products can have different limits. Currencies, for example, have a limit of €200.000 for a single position.   If you want to invest more money in a certain stock or product, you can always open more than one position in this product. You could for example open 2 positions of €10.000 in a certain stock. 

The absolute amount you can invest is also obviously dependent on the amount of money that is in your BUX-account. A part of your total account value is reserved (called Ring Fenced) to pay the daily financing fees as well, this amount is not available for trading as it needs to function as a back-up for the daily financing fees. You can read more about why we do not allow larger single positions here.

Reminder: you can never lose more on a trade than your invested amount (see: why can I never lose more than I invest?)!